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I have the WS13A connected to my kitchen's master switch and the WS14A connected to the companion switch. I can turn the lights on and off with the WS13A and I can turn them off with the WS14A; however, the WS14A cannot turn the lights on. When I try
Have you tested that the problematic jacks are actually wired to your house's phone system? Just take a land phone and plug it in - do you get dial tone? If you're not getting a dial tone, these jacks are disconnected. Perhaps they were wired to a se
I have a fun electrical challenge in my basement. I currently have power coming off of the breaker, to a single light fixture, and then on to a single-pole switch (Figure 1). I would like to add a new single-pole switch (on the other side of the room
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I have a standard circuit with a 3-way switch on each end and one 4-way switch in the middle. Will it work if I run power to the 4 way switch instead of one of the 3-way switches? The light is also connected to the 4-way switch. [UPDATE] Before I hav
I am looking to run a sub panel for a basement workshop approx 60 feet from the main panel, all inside. I have a table saw, jointer, band saw, planer, and dust vacuum, as well as routers and such. I was going to run a 60 amp breaker to a 100 amp sub
You're wiring it contrary to its wiring diagram (on the label and on the spec sheet, found by googling GE240RS120DIY (you misspelled the part number). A single F30T12 is also not supported by that ballast. Look for other ballasts which will support t
In my kitchen I have two 3-way switches controlling the ceiling fan and light. The two controlling switches are on opposite sides of the room, but what I'd like to do is split one of the two switches apart, adding a dedicated fan control, then tie of
According to the 2015-16 UL White Book, this product is only allowed to contain the following: Optical fiber cables (Types: OFNP,OFNR,OFN,OFNG,OFCP,OFCR,OFCR,OFC,OFCG). Communications cable (Types: CMP,CMR,CM,CMG,Cross-connect wire). Power-limited fi