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There is a way to wire a light fixture controlled with two 3-way switches using only 14-2 cable. Run a length of 14-2 cable from each 3-way switch to the light fixture and a third one between the switches to act as travelers. This is not an optimum m
concerning Readability:I typically prefer if/else constructs over switch statements, especially in languages that allows fall-through cases. What I've found, often, is as the projects age, and multiple developers gets involved, you'll start having tr
by user148298 Last Updated May 18, 2015 07:09 AM I am trying to add another light fixture to an existing 3 way circuit. The power source feeds to the ceiling light fixture which is connected to the first three way switch using a 2 wire cable. That ca
You shouldn't need all those floating connector blocks, there are enough positions on the backplate for loop-in, loop-out, switch and pendant. The pendant should be connected to the outermost positions and looped through the cord grips. Your wires to
Since the neutral and ground are isolated in a sub panel, is wiring a 240 volt heater from a sub panel different from wiring it to the main panel? No, as long as you land the ground wire on the ground bus of course -- but that's a caveat when wiring anything to a subpanel
This circuit is fed from the 100-amp sub-panel upstairs (area in dashed box in picture). I now want to add a lighting circuit for the main room in the basement. This involves switching out the 1-gang box at the bottom of the stairs for a 2-gang, addi
The best way to handle this is to find out where the wires are coming from and terminate them at that box. In most cases this is just undoing a couple of nuts and taking the wire out. If you need to open up a small section of drywall to get the wire
I currently have an HVAC system that is connected to a Nest thermostat (2nd generation) and I'm planning to use the same Nest thermostat to control a 110 swamp cooler that is currently not connected. Before dealing with the trouble to connect both sy
by cstarr Last Updated August 05, 2017 05:21 AM I recently installed some AFCI/GFCI circuit breakers. One of them kept tripping immediately, so I tracked down the problem to where a neutral and ground were joined. (There was just the one neutral in t
You are correct in deducing that you can tap into the incoming hot line in the light switch box. It appears that the hot line comes in from either the lower cable or the cable on the upper right in the picture. The cable on the upper left seems to go