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http://www. homerepairtutor. com/how-to-weatherize-windows-with-plastic-film-insulation/ Wanna learn how to weatherize windows with plastic film insulation? Okay, it doesn't sound sexy at all but will totally lower your heating bills
Latex CaulkUse latex caulk to protect your vinyl floor from leaks in the bathtub. The last thing you want to find one evening is a floor full of water that has leaked from your tub or toilet and ruined the vinyl floor. Although there are several diff
Okay, I’m back in town. Thanks so much for the questions and for your patience with a response. Does a “legal” bedroom require direct interior access? To be considered square footage, an area (including a bedroom) needs to be directly accessible from
We have a room with a high ceiling and a set of four windows. The windows start at about 7 feet. The person who lives in the room is not tall and currently has to use a ladder to open and close them
When George Farrelly finally made up his mind to study medicine, he did not so much make a choice as follow a calling. An intense, preoccupied young man who grew up in Cambridge and Rome, Farrelly had majored in history at Harvard and imagined a futu
While this might not be a huge problem on its own, it has some negative side effects. Your windows are letting a lot of cold in through the pane and around the edges. This significantly increases heating costs and it can add uncomfortable drafts
"Does anyone know how to set the default File Explorer view to show large icons when I open a file. .
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I saw your question earlier, but hesitated to respond because there is no simple answer or fix. First, you need to start with a clean system. Then things get complicated
by Vlad K Last Updated February 22, 2016 01:09 AM I've recently purchased an old home with windows that have probably not been replaced since the thing was built in the 20's. The siding on this home looks new and I'm taking it upon myself to replace