Questions about: water-pressure

Pressure gauges commonly use a Bourdon tube. Bourdon tubes are a coiled metal tube and as the pressure increases, it forces the coil straight which then moves the needle. (think blowing a party horn, which causes it to unroll) The type of fluid (wate
Low water pressure in the shower is a pretty big inconvenience. Not only does it take longer to shower when the water pressure is low, it’s also less satisfying. So why might the water pressure be low? The problem could lie in the shower head
We have a lovely walk out house at Wasa Lake, B. C. We are retiring there this year and would like to use the walk out for addition living space
Out of that there is a 3/4" vinyl hose that is clamped in place and into the diaphragm pump to isolate any vibration or chance of the pipe breaking off. Another 3/4" hose on the pump outlet, up behind the panel and into another street Ell that the ga
Installing another pump after the primary pump may damage the primary pump, but even if it doesn't it won't solve your problem. The bigger issue is that if the line between the two pumps has any leaks, even microscopic, then you'll be creating a very
Annual MaintenanceAttach a garden hose to the hose bib at the bottom of the hot-water heater tank after turning off the gas or power to the unit. Run the hose outside where it can drain. Keep the cold water feed on to the tank to remove sediment buil
I have a plumbing issue that I'm looking for suggestions on. After using a substantial amount of hot water (say, a long shower + washing laundry) I will hear a loud rumbling / vibrating sound throughout the house, emanating from the water pipes. The
I agree with Daniel Griscom. Get a Plumber or a new toilet or both to save yourself from the below ordeal, which isn't bad it's just experience. The plus is that you'll be able to unclog most any toilet thereafter
Sounds like the rubber diaphragm inside he pressure regulator has torn, or something is in the way. To fix be sure you have: A pressure gauge 2 pipe wrenches able to open to about 1 1/2" Large channel locks could substitute for one above pipe wrench
We live in a neighborhood where 20 of us all share a private well. Our water is very sputtery and also VERY fizzy when it comes out - lots of air coming out of it no matter where you are getting it from in the house. The well operator has told us tha