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In thermostat wiring, C stands for Common. Look for a terminal labeled Com, which is another abbreviation for common. I did not look up your thermostat, however it is likely that it needs the common wire to work properly
(Last Updated On: November 18, 2017)Traditional, non-smart thermostats act as a switch that turn your heat or air-conditioning on or off. It doesn’t need a steady power source. Today’s connected thermostats, on the other hand, need electricity to pow
Based on the ladder diagram, it looks like the R terminal is only energized when all the limits (main limit and however many rollout limits there are) are closed. So if any of the limits open, the thermostat loses power (maybe). I can't say for sure;
I recently purchased a new Thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilites for use in one zone of a two zone baseboard hot water heating system. I pulled the existing thermostat (stat) to look at the wiring and only two wires were connected to the old stat, namely
You don't have to call the heating company, any licensed electrician can install a grounding conductor or new wiring from the service panel to the furnace. If a heating company installed your new furnace, they are responsible for making the correctio
The yellow wire goes to Y? I think you meant to say. That seems okay. First Thing: Check to see if your contacts are pulled in
The latest addition to Honeywell's family of smart thermostats, the Lyric T5 ($149. 99) is an affordable option that offers some neat features, including geofencing technology to turn your heating and cooling on and off when you leave and return home
This question already has an answer here: I have a Laars gas boiler that has 3 heating zones; basement, 1st floor, and 2nd floor. I want to replace the old mercury honeywell tstats on the 1st and 2nd floor with newer honeywell RTH9580 wifi model for
Go to a Plumbing Supply, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears or other home center and ask in the department that has preferably some experienced help. It would help to have as much information about the old thermostat as possible as there should be one that is
wiring how can i connect a wifi thermostat to a honeywell r845a Honeywell r845a wiring diagram 2 | Sourcecollection honeywell r845a relay wiring diagram pictures wire Aquastat controller wiring diagrams regulator rectifier wiring aquastat controller