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com/watch?v=1L4J5EKSwEc This is the better of the videos so far, though a few more are posted under 'wadetarzia' Specifications: Materials: 1/4 inch CDX plywood, common pine for stringers, laminated pine shelving/desktop materials for boards, oak and
After working to remove a wall that runs parallel to the ceiling joists, I've run into a little problem. The builder used a 2x6 for a nailer (to attach the ceiling sheetrock) on top of the 2x4 stud wall that I am removing. I can get this out but I'm
For an aspect of the game laid out so straightforwardly in the rules, character generation seems to have quite a variety of house rules. How you roll for ability scores is one of the most varied parts of rolling a new guy that I’ve encountered on the
Column and Beam Construction TIPS Week In Week Out Every week I get an email from a homeowner who wants to tear down a wall or she/he's contemplating some other structural modification to their abode. In every case they want me to wave my magic wand
A double beam spectrophotometer is utilized by the scientific community to help simplify spectrophotometry. This is one of the key benefits of two beams of light versus a single beam spectrophotometer. Many applications that require characteristics s
It is rather difficult to determine whether torture is ever acceptable. From different points of view, it can be said that each person has his own opinion considering the issue, and this issue is rather contradictive. It is known that are thousands o
I am installing a new, approx 16' support beam in my house, to be held up initially by adjustable jacks, and permanently by 4 4" wooden posts. Some time ago I saw on one of the construction shows an ingenious method of sizing and setting posts, to wi
First, let's draw this out. You'll have a rectangle with 9 on the left side and 12 on the top. Make sure to draw the diagonal and label is "2x - 11
I need to pass a bipolar electrical cable through a concrete beam (30cm high, 15 cm wide) (12x6 inches). The hole would need to be about 1cm (3/8"). Is it safe to drill through it? There is no wall below it and one of its columns is "upside down" (se
Hi chandler, Sorry for the delay. I have attached pictures of the bay window, both inside and outside. From what we can see, the rain is dripping from the area where the blinds are attached to the bulkhead, from all 3 sides of the bay window