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"All doors will not open" does not necessarily mean the same as "not all doors will open
After a raccoon finally left my attic, I had the roof repaired. The roofer pointed out a problem that has apparently existed since the house was constructed. As the first picture below shows, far back under the eve, there is a barely noticeable open
It's a mistake for the roofers to say that the plywood will definitely have to be replaced. However, they may be familiar with homes in your area, that were built around the same time. So they may have experience, that tells them that the decking wil
I met with a builder in the town where we want to build, and showed him the rough houseplan I mocked up in a paint program. He advised that we could build it within our budget if we used a hipped roof, but not a skillion roof. He stated that skillion
Column and Beam Construction TIPS Week In Week Out Every week I get an email from a homeowner who wants to tear down a wall or she/he's contemplating some other structural modification to their abode. In every case they want me to wave my magic wand
When you notice a roof sagging in between trusses, it is usually the result of a damaged or broken roof rafter. Before fixing the problem, however, it is important to identify the exact cause of the problem. Other potential causes include damaged roo
I have a skylight that is essentially a flashed plywood curb with a late 50's era glass paver that "cups" over top. No tar or caulk, just gravity holding it there. Now, because I'm an idiot, I decided to touch it during a kitchen remodel to clean up/
I'm asking this here to avoid being conned by "professional" roofers in India who either exaggerate their estimates or send highly unskilled labourers to do the job. This is the layout of a roof: D: Areas that are damagedH: Drainage holesP: Ponding a