Replacing light fixture with a ceiling fan


Shut the power off to the ceiling fan's power circuit. You should turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the switch that is controlling the fan. Do not rely on the switch alone as you will be performing this task while on a stepladder. An unexpected electrical shock could cause you to fall.

Position the stepladder under the ceiling fan where you have the best access and are the most comfortable.

Remove the ceiling fan's blades one at time using the screwdriver and place the screws in the small, plastic bag for future use.

Remove the outer cover plate that surrounds the ceiling fan motor assembly. There should be four screws that hold the cover to the electric motor frame. Place those small screws in the bag as well.

Unscrew the three retaining screws that hold the mounting bracket to the fan's motor frame. The motor frame should swing free but still be retained by the bracket as it should be held in place by the metal bracket that is...

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On the page, there has been added a new beautiful photography replace ceiling fan light fixture, which you can place in your hotel bedroom or nursery. On the website, there are provided various options for lighting your commercial premises or residential building.

Easy way to replace the ugly ceiling fan to good looking light fixture

Your home is looking ugly due to the old ceiling fan, don’t worry these are the simple and easiest steps to follow and replace your ceiling fan to a light fixture which makes your home look more beautiful.

These are the steps you need to know how to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture and they are as follows:

Step #1

First of all you need to turn off the circuit breaker which is supplying the power to the light. Now climb the ladder and reach the electrical box and remove the screws which is holding the light to electrical box. If your fan is heavy remove the blades before...

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Two part answer:

The North American wiring coloring standard is black for hot and white for neutral. But unless you've performed the wiring installation yourself, you can never assume black is hot. You should obtain a house wiring tester and test which wire is hot and which is neutral. Consult your fan instructions and connect the hot wire to the hot wire and neutral wire to neutral wire (assuming end or parallel installation).

For the weight of the fan itself, it is best to determine if the ceiling box (if you have one) is attached to a structural member of the ceiling with a lag bolt. If it isn't, consider adding a new ceiling fan box that would attached to a structural member. You would have to patch some drywall but it's safer than having the fan fall down at an unexpected...

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Question: I have been thinking of replacing a light fixture in my bedroom ceiling with a ceiling fan. I have been reading that some people replace the smaller junction box in the ceiling with a bigger one to compensate for the extra weight and vibration of the ceiling fan. I was wondering if I replaced the light fixture with just a very small ceiling fan, would I still need to replace the smaller junction box? The ceiling fan I want to install is around 13 lbs. With a smaller fan, can I use the old junction box?

Replace light fixture with ceiling fan

Answer: No matter what type, size, or weight your ceiling fan is, you should use a ceiling fan mount kit. It is possible you could get away with using an electrical box if you are sure it’s connected to the joist and connected securely. Either way, it is recommended to use a ceiling fan mount. A ceiling fan mount kit will come with an adjustable bar that expands and screws outwards to secure the mount to the ceiling...

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The fact that you found a red wire in the ceiling box and switch box indicated that someone ran 14/3 Romex to the fan from the switch so that you could control the light with one switch and the fan with another ( or a stacked single switch). You need to find the HOT wire in the switch box, it will be one of the black wires. If you see a red, black, white and ground coming together from one hole in the box ( usually from the top) you will see that the other wires ( black, white, and ground) are coming either from the bottom or the other hole. That 2 wire (blk, wh, grd) is the hot wire and THAT black wire goes to the bottom of a single pole switch screw, it powers the switch which then powers the light. You can use either the red wire OR the black wire going up to the new light and attach THAT wire to the top screw on the switch ( let's say you choose to put the red wire on the top screw of the switch making it the hot leg going to the light). Now go up to the...

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A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan, usually electrically powered, suspended from the ceiling of a room, that uses hub-mounted rotating paddles to circulate air.

Most ceiling fans rotates much more slowly than most electric desk fans; it cools people effectively by introducing slow movement into the otherwise still, hot air of a room. Fans never actually cool air, unlike air-conditioning equipment, but use significantly less power (cooling air is thermodynamically expensive). Conversely, a ceiling fan can also be used to reduce the stratification of warm air in a room by forcing it down to affect both occupants' sensations and thermostat readings, thereby improving climate control energy efficiency.


The first ceiling fans appeared in the early 1860s and 1870s, in the United States. At that time, they were not powered by any form of electric motor. Instead, a stream of running water was used, in conjunction with a turbine, to drive a system of...

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Assess whether there are wires inside the housing for a lighting assembly.

Because you will want to be able to control the light and the fan separately, there will need to be existing wiring inside the housing to allow light assembly operation. You should see several wires inside the housing that are capped off by themselves with wire nuts. They could be a variety of colors but most likely will be black (power) and white (neutral).

/2/21/Install a Light on a Ceiling Fan Step 3.360p.mp4

With any luck the wires inside the housing will even be labeled with something like "lighting power" or something like that. This is a very good sign that you will...
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Updated January 04, 2017.

So, you want to replace your ceiling light fixture. Maybe you just want to update the look in your room. Or possibly you want to replace a ceiling light fixture that is just plain ugly.

Sounds like an easy home repair and generally it is pretty simple. But sometimes dealing with old wiring and electrical boxes in plaster ceilings and walls can be a bit tricky. I wrote this tutorial to show you the different things that can happen when you replace a ceiling fixture in an older home.

Issues you may run into include crumbling insulation on old wires, reusing old ceiling fixture mounting brackets and mounting screws being obstructed by a plaster wall. You know, real world "fun stuff" you won't get covered anywhere but here at Well, this tutorial will lead you through every step of the way, and I'll show you some tricks you may not have known about when dealing with old electrical boxes and wiring.


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Watch video of this step.

If you have access from above, you can make and install your own support brace using a length of 2x4 lumber nailed to the ceiling joists on both sides of the box location (Image 2). Position the brace directly above the ceiling box. From below, use wood screws to attach the ceiling box securely to the brace.

If you do not have access to work above the ceiling, you can install an expanding metal brace from below to support the ceiling box and fan. First, remove the existing box, then insert the brace up through the hole and secure it in position by ratcheting the mechanism into place. As the ratchet is turned from below, arms on the brace extend until they contact the ceiling joists on both sides of the hole (Image 3 demonstration). The spikes on the arms anchor securely into the wood. Some braces are available with a ceiling box attached, or you can attach the existing ceiling box to the brace.

This method also may be used to mount a...

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An outdated ceiling fan can be replaced with a modern light fixture to give a room a fresh look. Because most ceiling fans are heavier than the average light fixture, the ceiling electrical box and wiring can be used.

Turn off the circuit breaker feeding power to the light. Climb the ladder and remove the canopy (the part that sits flush against the ceiling, covering the electrical box) and remove the screws holding the light to the electrical box. Some fans may be too heavy to remove in one piece, requiring you to remove the blades first to lessen the weight.

Touch the wires with the blade of the voltage tester to ensure they are not live. The tester will chirp and light up if the wires are live. Never touch live wires.

Pull the wires out of the electrical box and unscrew the wire nuts, then pull apart the wires. Lower the ceiling fan. This may require the help of an assistant to hold the fan while you disconnect wires. Remove the mounting bracket, sometimes...

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Howdy Victor! I’m Blake from California; let me welcome you to the community. This may seem like a tricky project, but luckily there is a fairly simple way to work out this challenge. To start off we need to understand what all the wires up in the ceiling mean. When you have a ceiling fan that has hardwired control for the light and fan you actually have a separate hot conductor for the fan, and light. So instead of a conductor being used like this one:

You will actually have a four wire conductor being used like this one:

The wires purpose is as follows, White: Neutral, Bare: Ground, Black: Hot to fan motor, Red: Hot to light kit. Now it is possible that the black and red have opposite purposes from what I have written here, it is all down to how the electrician wired it up.

Safety note: Any time you are working with home wiring be sure that you are only working on circuits that are powered off at the main breaker panel. Make sure that the...

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If you're installing a new electrical box, fasten it to a ceiling joist or a 2 x 4 wood brace between two ceiling joists. If there isn't a suitable joist or brace available, but you have access to the framing through the attic, add a brace that can support the fan.

The other option is installing an expandable ceiling fan hanger bar and electrical box. A hanger bar for "new work" fastens to the joists with screws. You need access to the joists — such as from the attic — to install it. You can install a hanger bar for "old work" from below the ceiling by fitting the bar through the rough opening. Extend the bar until it wedges securely between two joists. See the manufacturer's instructions for details on installing a hanger bar and box.

The new electrical box must be grounded or attached to a ground wire in the...

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Residential ceiling fixtures come in many different shapes, and people have devised many ways to attach them to the ceiling. Most of the time, a central threaded hollow rod holds a chandelier in place. Ceiling fixtures hang by two screws that attach the fixture base to the outlet box or to a mounting strap in the outlet box.

No matter how you suspend a fixture from the ceiling, the wiring is simple. Other wires may pass through the box, but you have to deal with only three wires: a colored wire (usually black), a white wire, and a green ground wire. These three wires are joined together with twist-on wire connectors.

Get someone to help you replace a ceiling fixture. After you loosen the screws that hold the existing fixture to the ceiling box, you have your hands full holding the fixture and trying to work on the wires. You may be able to pull off this juggling act with a light fixture, but if you’re messing with a chandelier, you need another pair of hands...

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