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The 2014 NEC now requires the dishwasher to be on GFCI. The 2014 NEC does not require the dishwasher to be on an individual circuit (it never has). So, you could feed either receptacle on the load side of the other with a GFCI
over 3" deep is going to be too low of a water level. .
With a 120/240V single split-phase system, there are two possible outcomes. Separate legsIf the branch circuits feeding the device are on separate legs of the service, then the tab will be creating a direct short-circuit between the legs. This will c
I need to add a wall receptacle in a bedroom. (There aren't enough outlets as is. ) The bedroom is on the main floor of a 1-story house, with an unfinished attic and an unfinished basement
Just use outlet box #1 as both a junction box & outlet box. Having enough room in the box shouldn't be a problem, but you can always get a deeper box if desired. Wire nut the supply to another 14/2 running to the switch
It sounds like your air conditioner plug has a built in circuit breaker. If so, the breaker probably needs constant current to remain set, even when the unit is nominally off (a small trickle current is being used by the breaker and its light). If th
I am recently done with my kitchen renovation. I have L shaped kitchen where the smaller portion has refrigerator on it. The refrigerator has been moved from from the corner of the wall to the center, covered by cabinet frame
Approved Installations The NEC often states "Approved method" of installation, which in other words is what the manufacture instructs. In the case of the non metallic NM wire connector, Halex© offers an online manual. Other Items That Should Be Fixed
The grounding conductor in an electrical system provides a safe path for fault currents to travel along. It's there to prevent electrocution. Let's say we have a toaster
If you’re running out of outlets to plug things into, installing a switch/outlet combo is a great way to squeeze in another receptacle without completely wiring in a new outlet or sacrificing existing outlets or switches. A switch/outlet combo like t