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Response to comments about the white/neutral/illegal etc. for controlling an outlet with a switch. This is often used to serve a disposal (the best solution for a disposal installation is to use a product called an airswitch
Here's what you're dealing with. Disregard the top row, those are for Europe. The bottom four plugs apply in North America
We recently removed a wet bar from our living room and we're going to replace it with a kegerator. On the wall above the wet bar, there are currently two switches and one outlet, but not in a row; one of the switches is above the outlet and the other
My last bedroom has three outlets, and are all showing "OPEN GROUND" from my tester. The third one is adjacent to the other bedroom, and that outlet is also showing "OPEN GROUND". The others in that room are fine
Short answer: Yes, in general it is safe to assume that an L5-30R will supply you up to 30A (nominal, 24A continuous) at ~120V. Give or take. If you're still reading
About two months ago, I purchased an Igloo cube freezer for my basement. I plugged it into a standard 120V grounded outlet and it turned on and ran apparently normally for a three weeks before I found that the freezer had turned off and all of the fo
I have two bedrooms and a shared bath that are on one circuit. Through some initial remodeling/updating, all of the outlets were replaced (3-prong), and all of the light switches. All is fine in bedroom 1 (outlets work, light works)
The reason is, the ceramic potting inside the heating element is porous and moisture gets in and causes a small amount of current to leak to ground through its high resistance and trips the GFI. Try this, with the power removed, BE SURE all electric
I am renovating an old home(90 years) that my wife and I just purchased. The electrical system in the house is outdated - some of the outlets appear to be knob and tube but most are the brass and silver; forgive me if this is incorrect info, I honest