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This is a picture postcard application for a GFCI outlet. Attach it to the black and white wires without ground. That is code legal for this type of situation, but the outlet should be labeled "no equipment grounding conductor"
If they are working, then it is likely only a single faulty outlet. An outlet is easy to change yourself without having to call in a professional. New outlets can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store
Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. Most times you can't feed your load only from the switch because it doesn't have a neutral. If there are no existing power outlet branch circuits nearby you'd have to consider conne
Great question! Most General Relativity textbooks seem deliberately obscure. I think everything is so “relative” that authors are afraid of saying anything definite, for fear of being ridiculed for some mistake. For example, we know that radial dista
Response to comments about the white/neutral/illegal etc. for controlling an outlet with a switch. This is often used to serve a disposal (the best solution for a disposal installation is to use a product called an airswitch
When your phone or laptop has 1% battery left, the sight of an electric outlet can be incredibly satisfying; however, when there’s a baby crawling around your living room, that same outlet becomes a major source of dread. Think about it from the poin
If the voltage tester you are using is a "no-contact" or "glow stick" style tester they are not reliable beyond the presence of voltage. Induced voltages from nearby circtuits will cause these to glow. By this I mean you need to test the circuit with
Sounds like your assumption that water penetrating the box is correct no need to figure out any more than that. These boxes are not made for direct burial. (Pretty amusing actually
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Wire design is usually based on minimizing the length of wire needed. By putting all lights on one circuit and outlets on another, it would require more wire than would normally be used and also cause needless inconvenience if the light circuit tripp