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Electrical Plug for a Washer DryerElectrical Question: Will my 240volt 3 prong outlet work with a new dryer with a 250volt with a 4 prong cord? I want to buy a Bosch vent less washer and dryer, the washer dryer combo uses 240volts with 3 prongs. My o
for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. If you are asking about how to take power from an existing wall outlet to add a new light switch somewhere nearby - either in the same room or in the next room which is just on the other s
Readers of this article should also see ELECTRICAL CODE BASICS, and also SAFETY for ELECTRICAL INSPECTORS. Our photo at page top is not an example of a proper electrical outlet installation. This website provides information about a variety of electr
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by cstarr Last Updated August 05, 2017 05:21 AM I recently installed some AFCI/GFCI circuit breakers. One of them kept tripping immediately, so I tracked down the problem to where a neutral and ground were joined. (There was just the one neutral in t
Since the question specifically states: I dont have any of those wall outlets with the built in breakers I assume you mean there are no GFCI receptacles in the house which look like this: nitpick: GFCIs are not breakers, they trip based on current im
Electric Outlets Don't Work I have two outlets on one wall that don't work. I have replaced both outlets so have concluded that isn't the problem. There is power in the black wire so I assume the problem is continuity in the white wire
Wiring and cable might not be the flashiest part of a security system but it is a critical part of the overall solution. There are plenty of things to consider when selecting and installing wire and cable to ensure your security system works optimall
That may not be necessary. You may have tripped a circuit breaker or a GFCI device. First see if the breaker to that outlet has been tripped
Yes. Assuming power enters at the switch box. You'll have to run a 3-wire with ground cable between the switch box, and the receptacle