Properly Venting a Dryer

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Dryer Venting Guidelines - How to avoid dryer fire hazards

Dryer venting tips and practices

All dryer ducting must be a minimum of 4" in diameter. Clean, unobstructed, frictionless ducts encourage air flow efficiency, quickens drying times, adds longevity to clothing's life and reduces utility bills. The DryerFlex meets the 4" diameter specs. Flexible transition hose between the dryer and the wall outlet should be either the foil type or the aluminum flexible duct (most preferred). Do not use the plastic or vinyl. Concealed ducting must be rigid metal (galvanized or aluminum) duct. Duct joints shall be installed so that the male end of the duct points in the direction of the airflow. Joints should be secured with metal tape (not duct tape). Do not use rivets or screws in the joints or anywhere else in the duct as these will encourage lint collection. Length of concealed rigid metal ducting shall not exceed 35 feet (25' for IRC). Deduct 5 feet from the allowable length for every...
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You need to properly vent your clothes dryer. Let's face it, you spend $500.00 to $2,000.00 on a new clothes dryer, so why would you want to scrimp on the dryer venting, which by the way is as or more important than the dryer itself. Let me explain, clothes dryer, dry your clothes. Dryer vents carry the moist warm air that the dryer extracts from your clothes to the outside of the dryer and hopefully to the outside of your house or apartment.

When your dryer is not vented properly you will not only have problems drying your clothes but you may also be setting yourself up for the number one cause of house fires, improper dryer venting. I can't stress the importance of proper dryer venting...

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Lint Trap

The lint trap is a metal screen with a plastic handle that is located either near the corner at the top of your dryer, or inside the dryer door. In most cases, the lint trap is clearly marked. If your clothes are not drying properly, this is the first place to look because it is the easiest problem to solve. Remove the lint from your lint trap, and then see if your clothes get dry. If they do not, move to the next troubleshooting problem.
Vent Hose

To work properly, a dryer needs to be able to vent warm air. If the vent hose is clogged, bent or has a hole in it, your dryer will not work properly. Examine the vent hose to see if it is installed completely over the dryer exhaust vent, and to make sure it does not have a hole in it. Remove the vent hose to see if it is clogged. There are vent hose brushes you can purchase to clean the vent hose properly. Also check the exhaust vent on the dryer and the outside vent to make sure they are not...

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DRYER BASICS....please read on....

Always remember Electricity is dangerous and should be treated with respect.

Blowing house fuse after the dryer runs for a while ( same as tripping the house breaker after the dryer runs for a while ) Changing from a 3 to 4 wire hookup on an electric dryer Dryer basics- Venting problems and power supply Dryer Basics - Dead dryer Dryer Basics - Cord plug and receptacle problem Dryer Basics - timers and how they work Dryer repair -common- flow chart....Click here. How do dryer thermostats work ? How long can my vent for the dryer be? How the belt is suppose to look at the motor and idler pulley. Important Disclaimer If your drum belt looks like either of these...change it. My dryer door won't stay closed or won't latch properly Repair manuals - save $$ Vent cleaning help kit What is a grounded heating element on an electric dryer? Wiring help for the 4 prone receptacle

Q. We have a dryer ( could be...

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There are many things that contribute to the proper operation of a dryer, the venting is one of the most critical. Below we describe a dryer's functions and how its venting plays a crucial part.


One of the most important functions of a dryer is the elimination of moisture recovered during the heating of damp clothing. A typical 12-pound load of laundry can weigh as much as 20-pounds when first removed from a washer. The extra 8-pounds is water. That recovered moisture is held as humidity in the warm air produced by the dryer and is normally expelled to the outdoors through the dryer's vent. If this air can not be adequately vented, poor drying will result.

If restricted, this moisture can also condense into pools of water inside the dryer venting, possibly leaking out. Moisture accumulation inside the dryer ducting is often a sign of inadequate venting which should be looked into.


The heat is another important function of...

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When most American homeowners think of their chimneys, living room fireplaces immediately come to mind. While those fireplaces most likely have chimneys, your home’s primary heating system also is very likely to have a chimney or chimneys to carry heat, smoke, and dangerous flue gasses out of your home. Whether you heat your home or your fireplace is fueled by gas, oil, wood or pellets, you most certainly want to keep your chimney and venting system in mind as an integral part of an efficient system.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America and many other fire safety organizations, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend that chimneys and vents are inspected annually and maintained as needed. This section of our website was designed to help you learn more about your chimney and venting system and what to expect when you call a chimney professional so you can make educated decisions about your chimney and venting system.

While CSIA...
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Warning: Use extreme caution when repairing your dryer. Be sure to unplug your appliance from the wall outlet before attempting any repairs. Also the part numbers listed in this post may or may not be the part number for your appliance. It is always best to search by model number for parts. For your convenience, there are several forms on this page to search for parts. They look like the one below. Simply type in your model number and click search.

The goal of this post is help you troubleshoot and fix your non-heating Whirlpool Duet dryer. A great resource to help you troubleshoot your Duet dryer can be found right inside the dryer itself. You will need to remove the kick panel. If the service manual hasn’t been removed, you will find one taped on the inside of the kick panel. The service manual will show you how to put your dryer into service mode allowing you to check for error codes. You can then follow the instructions from each error code to help you determine what’s...

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Washers & Dryers

Over the course of a year, the average washer and dryer handles about 477 loads of laundry, or about nine loads per week. These machines are designed to handle this type of activity and they will do it efficiently if they are properly maintained.

Lint that builds up is significant fire hazard. Preventative maintenance is simple and effective. Most people clean out the lint trap before drying the next load - a good habit to get into. However, more maintenance is needed to minimize the fire hazard.

During the lint screen cleaning, some of the lint becomes air borne and settles in the surrounding area. This lint, along with those lint particles that happen to escape the lint trap in the normal drying process, can accumulate and build up, increasing the fire hazard. The areas behind and under the dryer are typical areas where this build-up can occur unnoticed.

Manufacturer's Recommendations
Although dryer manufacturers typically...

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