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I just moved into a new home. The builder left the island lights capped, and I am trying to install them now. There are 3 lights over the island
Hopefully someone can help with this issue. Everything I have researched seems to be related to a type of light I do not own. I have a kitchen LED light that has been working fine up until just recently when all of a sudden it will start to flash whe
I would sell this kit and go with another one that is compatible with LED lighting and your wiring scheme. This one is not. If you're not into that
My garage has a light connected to a switch and a garage door opener. The garage door opener was hard wired to a line coming out from the space between the porcelain light fixture and the ceiling. The opener was not connected to the switch
I've been steadily replacing switches in my house with zwave ones. The other day I opened this guy up and found a red wire wired to the top of the switch, a black wire at the bottom and another black wire wrapped around the bottom screw. I am pretty
Mood lighting has never been this easy to achieve. Thanks to the new Philips SceneSwitch LED bulbs, you can change the color (or really, the hue) of your lights with nothing more than the flick of a switch. Gone is the need for expensive wireless hub
Use a single pole double throw switch, called three-way in the U. S. (as isherwood suggests)
I am replacing all the components in my bathroom during a remodel. I have a box that has a light switch and a GFCI, the switch controls the vanity light. When i removed the old fixture I neglected to note how everything was hooked up
I have a pantry enclosed on two sides by standard partition walls faced with cabinet wood, then two short sides open to the kitchen on the outside made from cabinet wood, then the door is mounted at 45 degrees on the two short sides - like !http://ww
You probably don't need to rearrange your lighting load. Just replace the switch with a new one. <><><> Wall switches are mechanical devices that do break