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1. Briefly outline the process of lighting a show. My approach to lighting is primarily based on Stanley McCandless' method
The new Philips Hue compatible dimmer switch is the next special product to make use of your Hue Lamps in your home. It’s also the cheapest accessory you can get, from Philips that will enhance your smart hue lighting project. Most of us seemed confu
I have been working through the wiring in my house to add in gfci's in the appropriate locations and update outlets and switches. I am familiar with usual three-way and four-way light set-ups and have had no trouble updating with most of the three-wa
Hi Everyone, I know this topic has been brought up in these forums before, however, I am looking for a more concrete anwser than what has been presented here previously. Currently I am running Hue Bridge Software 01031131, and have been attempting to
I need help identifying wires to know if I have what I need to install some new light switches that require line, load, neutral and ground connections. I'm hoping to do this with a multimeter, but I am unsure what to make of the measurements. If that
A ceiling fixture that operates off a switch when you enter a room is a convenient way to light a room. Adding a ceiling fixture where none existed before entails bringing power to a wall switch and wiring from the wall switch to the ceiling fixture
Controlling a light with two or more switchesThis page describes how to use 3-way and 4-way switches to control lights from two or more locations. This is the first of several related pages explaining how to control lights with multiple switches. Cli
Sounds like your assumption that water penetrating the box is correct no need to figure out any more than that. These boxes are not made for direct burial. (Pretty amusing actually
Colored light bulbs add a warm glow to any room. While tinted light bulbs in primary colors are available at certain hardware or discount stores, why not experiment with your own creativity and color light bulbs yourself? You can select unique colors
The adoption of dimmable LED lighting for new installations is rising fast, but with a vast retrofit market to address, there is an opportunity for further growth if the user experience can be optimised. LED lighting has already captured the imaginat