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The system diagram is shown in this figure. The data flow is straightforward. The iPhone is connected to the wifi router wirelessly while the Raspberry pi is connected to the wifi router through a lan cable (this can change to wireless with a wifi ad
Finally running out of incandescent bulbs for our two front door exterior fixtures. I want to use this opportunity to try LED bulbs, as I do not love CFLs and seems like LED prices are getting reasonable. Question is, what color temperature would be
Led Outside Garage Lights – This led outside garage lights is elegant for choosing right home lighting design ideas
Yes, you can get a plug and attach the two wires from the cord to the non-earth (ground) pins of the plug. Look for something like this - you strip some insulation off the end of your cord, open the plug, attach the wires to the appropriate pins, and
Surface-mount conduit (raceway) is made specifically for your purpose, such as Legrand Wiremold. It will be legal, safe and .
While the designing of your bathroom might not always be the first thing that springs to mind when planning for a new home, it is essential to ensure that it looks like a natural extension of the remainder of your home; both in its theme and in its m
The lamp post at the corner of my driveway is perforated with rust. It appears to have come in two pieces as the top half is slightly smaller than the bottom and there is what looks like a reducing fitting at the midpoint. Other than that, it looks l
And too much of a heat buildup could result in shorter bulb life and even risk of fire, especially in a fixture in which the bulbs are fully enclosed. While lighting has traditionally been sold by wattage, what you are really buying is the amount of
I mount the sensor(s) in a different location from the lamps, wherever gives best sensing performance. I pull 3 conductors to the first sensor or lamp, then 4 conductors between each sensor and lamp: ground, neutral, always-hot (black) and switched-h
The issue is heat. The fixture is rated for a bulb using 75 watts and turning essentially all of it into heat. You could put a 75w heating element there and be within limits of the fixture