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Naturally, there is no substitute for a professional engineer when you're faced with complicated or uncommon structural problems, but basic load-bearing calculations are well within the capabilities of many carpenters and homeowners. Most timber-fram
Routing electrical cables through floor joists has advantages if a ceiling is planned for a basement or if a subfloor will be laid. Because of the length of a standard drill fitted with a bit, a straight hole cannot be drilled through the joist. Pull
A joist is supported at either end by either a beam, wall, or other framing member. They may also require additional supports, known as "intermediate supports," along their length. Joist span is the distance between the beams, walls, or other structu
Made In USAStructure Lock supplies steel braces that are stronger, safer and seismically superior to wood cross bridging or blocking. We build our products using 18 gauge galvanized steel designed to interlock dimensional joists and engineered I-jois
by bob Last Updated February 19, 2016 01:09 AM I'm first time homeowner and bought a house (built in 1999) in fall of 2015 (Philadelphia suburb). During inspection of the house I noticed squeaky floors and inspector said its due to nails rubbing agai
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Plan And Prep Before Building A Non Bearing Stud Wall Diy. Timber Frame Construction Engineering360. I Beam Amp Laminated Beam Fittings Amp Metalwork
I live in a 5 story condo, on 2nd floor. I wanted to remove this foyer (in picture labeled as ENTRY). I see joists running across the room, left to right in the picture
I am installing a new, approx 16' support beam in my house, to be held up initially by adjustable jacks, and permanently by 4 4" wooden posts. Some time ago I saw on one of the construction shows an ingenious method of sizing and setting posts, to wi