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http://www. homerepairtutor. com/how-to-weatherize-windows-with-plastic-film-insulation/ Wanna learn how to weatherize windows with plastic film insulation? Okay, it doesn't sound sexy at all but will totally lower your heating bills
first of all - don't panic about the polyurethane foam. PUF is not the same as UFFI from the seventies, but it does have problems if not done correctly. personally, i never use the stuff in any jobs and i think its going to go the same way of UFFI fo
Figuring out what type of insulation to use can be tricky and as HVAC contractors we are often asked, “what type of insulation should I use in my attic?” As with many of these questions, the answer depends on where you live so I will tailor this arti
Milt R. of Boston, MA wrote: Itchy, I'm Baffled! I plan on adding more insulation in my attic. A friend told me to make sure I have baffles installed
It's not generally necessary to insulate a detached garage in the UK if you don't plan to heat it. In many cases, however, your garage will be attached to your house, sometimes with an adjoining door. Attached garages can be a weak spot in an otherwi
The Best Way to Insulate Your GarageWith so many garage insulation options, make your choice easier. You’ll get the best insulation for your garage plans, and make it work with your budget. Some things to consider: your garage’s age and condition, th
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you have to understand the dynamics involved. the goal is not just insulation, but intactness of the vapour barrier. you can have all the insulation in the world and it will do you no good if you allow nice warm air to enter into the insulation pocke
I have read a lot about proper insulation and ventilation, including some posts on this site, but none adequately answer my questions. My goal is to operate an electric heat source in the winter and have ~60 °F temperature maintained when working in
That is odd. If that's how the mice got in then you want to fill the blocks with gravel & then smooth that over with concrete or cement. If the mice didn't enter there then "Big Gap" spray can foam would be the insulation choice & best treatm