How to drill a 3/4" or larger hole in a steel bracket?

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Three Methods:Prepare to drillDrill the steelClean upCommunity Q&A

Steel is a valued commodity. Valued, in part, for its appearance, it also has great strength, durability, and applicability. It can be purely functional or decorative. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. In the alloying process, the mixture and heating can produce hard steel, thin steel, and stainless steel. Many apparent applications are home appliances and decorative applications, but steel is also heavily used throughout many industries including transportation, chemical and petrochemical, and architecture. It can be shaped and fabricated for a large variety of uses, but it often requires that you know how to drill steel to achieve the use and effect you desire.

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Posted: 9/17/2013 2:14:54 AM

Drilling holes in shipbuilding angle steel or angle iron requires drill bits capable of drilling harder materials while remaining sharp. And you need a method of reducing friction at the drilling point. High-speed drill bits are hardened beyond the hardness of iron. This allows the drill bit to cut through the steel without rapidly dulling during the cut. Using a high-speed drill bit with the proper type of drill motor will allow you to control the speed and heat of the drill bit.

1 Secure a length of shipbuilding angle steel in a bench vise.
2 Set the point of a center punch at the location you require a hole. Strike the back of the punch with a hammer to create a depression to hold the tip of drill bit on the center of the hole.
3 Select a drill bit matching the size of your hole from a drill bit set or a drill bit 1/3 the size of a hole larger than 5/15 inch. Secure the drill bit in the chuck of a variable speed drill...

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A lot of crafty DIYers hit the glass ceiling when it comes to the material of the same name. You’d love to create a lamp from an empty wine bottle, say, or hook that mirror directly through a hole, but the thought of putting a drill to such fragile material stops you cold. Clearly, the time to upgrade your skill set is now. As long as you don’t attempt to bore through temperedor “safety” glass (identifiable by markings at the corner of the pane)—which will shatter upon applying mechanical force—all it takes is the correct drill bit and proper technique.

Bits suitable for boring glass have spear-shaped carbide or diamond tips. Available at most hardware stores, these bits come in various sizes; consider getting a small one for “starter holes” and a larger one to suit the diameter of the finished opening you want to make. As to technique, be sure to maintain low speed and moderate pressure, and always wear goggles to protect your eyes from...

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A stainless steel kitchen sink is one of the preferred sinks of today's homeowner because of its relatively low price, because its ease to clean, and because it resists corrosion and stains. But because this sink is steel, if you wish to install an additional fixture such as a spray hose that requires an additional hole, you'll find that this sink presents a challenge when it comes to drilling that hole. But with the right tools and instructions you can drill such a hole.

Step 1 – Determine Where to Drill Your Hole

Before beginning to drill your hole in the sink, you'll need to know where to drill it. There are two issues to take into account: a) potential damage to fixtures under the sink, b) distance from needed fixtures such as a water pipes or drain pipes. To avoid drilling your hole in the wrong place, survey the underside of the sink. If advisable, measure from needed fixtures to the place on your sink where you'll want to drill your hole. Place a small piece...

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Almost any general-purpose twist bit will do a decent job of drilling holes in metal. In fact, most drill bits for metal are manufactured to drill through a variety of materials, including wood and plastic. The least expensive twist bits are made of high-speed steel (HSS), and these basic bits are just fine for most metal-drilling tasks.

If you'll be drilling a lot of holes, or need to drill through hard, abrasive metals like stainless steel or cast iron, spend a couple bucks more for black oxide or a cobalt steel drill bit for metal. These bits will bore more holes before becoming dull. Some bits also have a special coating called titanium nitride (TiN), which manufacturers claim helps resist heat and friction better, making these bits last up to six times longer than standard high-speed steel...

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Trouble Shooting

Bit becomes very hot - penetration slows
Add lubricant - Reduce Speed

Bit makes squealing noise
Reduce speed

Bit Slides across metal surface
Drill a pilot hole - Make larger punch hole

Bit 'grabs' as it breaks through
Reduce pressure - Reduce speed

Drill Bit wobbles
Check to ensure bit is positioned correctly in the chuck, Check to ensure bit is not damaged

Designed and developed from feedback from engineers in workshops. TTP Hard Drills are able to drill harder metals where a normal HSS drill bit can not come close.

Steel Drilling 5 Top Tips

Where precise drilling depth is needed always use a depth stop

As your drill breaks through the far side ease up on pressure to prevent the drill bit ‘grabbing’

Buy the best drill bits you can justify

On harder Metals do not force the drill bit into the metal as this may cause excessive friction and heat to be generated...

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A woodworking bench is more than just a table to lay your tools and project parts on. Used well, your bench is an all-in-one, three-dimensional clamping solution that will allow you to hold your work on any of its edges or faces. The traditional way to increase the work-holding capability is to place "dog holes" in your bench top, and allowing them to work in tandem with a face or end vise to secure parts of any size.

In order to work best, these holes need to be drilled vertically... or at a consistent off angle, typically between 2-3°. Normally, when you want a dead-on perfect angle, you'd place the workpiece on the drill press. But if you can figure out how to muscle your benchtop to work under a spinning drill press bit, then mister, you're a better man than I.

So, instead, we must take the drill to the work, and figure out how to keep our angle nice and consistent while creating clean holes in a beefy benchtop. The answer, as in many...

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I did a similar thing. I'm not sure how I got it I think I went really slow with the larger bit and used a lot of cutting compound. Although with mine I had not yet welded the bumper together, so I just had to deal with a piece of 1" flat stock. I don't think I went all the way up to 1" in one shot (or at all).

You might also try a die grinder, although my experience using those to ream holes by hand is that you get a lot of chatter and the end result is not necessarily a round hole.

I think an annular cutter is something like a hole saw--it cuts around the outside diameter of the circle, but not through the middle.

did you think about using a smaller shackle? Good luck. I know this situation sucks.

edit. I've never used one but something like one of these reamers might work, specifically the "construction reamer". They are not cheap, though. Maybe you can find a machine shop with one and they can do it on your truck. McMaster-Carr

Click to...

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