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It's a whirlpool gas oven, model number SF315PEPB1. The burners work fine, the oven always preheats and works most of the time.

The problem is that sometimes once the oven preheats, it wont stay on. I'm assuming it turns off when it gets to the right temperature and then for some reason either doesn't sense that it needs to reignite or fails to reignite.

I notice that when this happens, if I ignite the burners the oven will also reignite. As a work-around I've been just clicking the burners every 5-10 minutes to make sure the oven stays hot.

What could be causing this, and what could I do to make it work correctly again?

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I know that with my gas range, whenever an igniter is used for any of the burners, it sparks them all. By guess, this is probably a safety feature in case any burner was turned on without igniting it. What I'm getting at though is that if you are able to...

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I know that with my gas range, whenever an igniter is used for any of the burners, it sparks them all. By guess, this is probably a safety feature in case any burner was turned on without igniting it. What I'm getting at though is that if you are able to ignite the oven by the burners, then it might be the same feature and in which case - there is gas in the oven that can be ignited. Gas should be either burning or cut off - the burner ignition should not affect it.

So, my guess is maybe a bad igniter in the oven? It might have a secondary igniter specifically for the oven that is not connected to the burners - this one could be bad or disconnected. So that when you're primarily lighting the oven, it might spark the burners (all connected as a primary igniter) or vise versa. Then the oven could have it's secondary igniter that is used for keeping the oven heated when it needs to reignite - without affecting the burners. Again, it's just a guess and you might find something...

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I just did the self clean on my electrolux gas oven and it finished however, it remains locked and the cleaning lights went off and I cannot start it either. the oven light does work - there was not a… read more


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I need your advice on Frigidaire gas oven troubleshooting.

The basic problem is buying an appliance defined by getting hot by a company called cold air.

I bought it because it was a cheap, decent oven.

The center burners in their Gallery gas ranges tend to make everything around it hot, so you over cook the surrounding things when you use that burner.

I’ve had the thing error out periodically.

If the mother board keeps erroring out, it is likely due to a short in the control board that is only fixed by replacing it. That’s especially true if turning it off and back on does not eliminate the error.

That does not fix an error due to a malfunctioning sensor. What if it occasionally errors and dies?

Unless you ran a self-clean cycle and it shut down due to a thermal fuse or electrical fuse blowing, the solution for that is replacing the circuit boards too.

Not all Frigidaire gas ranges have self-cleaning. Fortunately, they tend to...

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I need your opinion on gas oven temperature problems.

I’m assuming you paid your gas bill. If there’s no gas, it can’t heat up.

Yes, I’ve paid the gas bill.

Igniters in gas stoves weaken over time. This means it takes longer for the gas valve to open.

That might explain why it does not cook.

Yeah, the valve can finally stop opening at all. At least that is safer than getting stuck open.

Does that happen?

Yes, sometimes, which is why you want to know where the gas shut off valve is. Then again, the temperature sensors or control board may not be working right.

I had someone tell me they think it is overheating.

The oven can have problems if you put it in self-clean mode, since that can approach 1000 degrees. In some ovens, that flakes off the paint, and in others, it cooks the control board.

A friend of mine had self-cleaning mode blow the thermal fuse or some other fuse.

It can blow the thermal fuse in...

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If you need to light or re-light the pilots manually, start by locating the pilot assemblies. For most stoves, this will be under the top panel, between the burners. Raise the top panel by lifting from the front, at the seam just above the burner knobs. You may have to pull it forward first. It should come up like a trap door, exposing the burners underneath. In a four-burner configuration, there is usually a metal tube running from each front burner to each back burner, with a small space and hole in the middle of the tube. That's your pilot light. Light your lighter and move its flame to each of the holes until a small blue flame appears and stays. Replace the top panel of the stove before testing the burners by turning the knobs to "light'' and seeing if the flames now...

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The bake element is the heating surface found at the bottom of the oven. When it gets burned out, the oven overheats resulting in failure of the thermostat. Temperature overload cut out arises when the temperature sensor fails to regulate the temperature inside the oven. The oven fails to get hot when the electric voltage is low or when there is no power. The thermostat fuse protects the oven in case of fires, and when it blows out, the thermostat stops working. Lack of power in the electric cables leads to failure of the oven to start and the thermostat stops working.

The electronic control board controls the oven functions, and when it becomes defective, the thermostat stops working. If the safety valve is faulty, the igniter releases gas, and if the gas fails to reach the right temperature, which results in failure of the thermostat. The infinite switch on an oven controls power to each element, and if it is worn out, the thermostat lacks the power to work.

Learn more...
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Determine the type of ignition system. Once you have visual access to the burner elements, look for the pilot light or ignition mechanism. In either case, these are toward the rear of the oven, immediately next to the perforated burner tube. A pilot light system has a gas supply tube ending with a small flame aperture. This is next to or underneath a thermocouple device that controls the flow of gas to the pilot flame. In this type of system, you should notice the pilot flame as soon as you see the burner elements. Electronic, glow ignition systems utilize a resistant filament that heats to above the gas ignition point to open and regulate the supply of gas to the burner. Use a flashlight to inspect the oven's ignition system and determine which type you...

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Ovens are appliances which have a thermally insulated chamber for heating, cooking and baking food. In order to heat to the required temperatures, gas ovens are fuelled by gas. The main components of the gas ovens are usually a pilot light, igniter, thermostat, timer, racks and so on. With age and use, the ovens could face issues with either of these parts. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on gas oven problems.

How can an individual trouble shoot a gas oven because the oven is not igniting (the igniter was replaced) though the light for the temperature come on?

Though your igniter was replaced, the problem could be with the oven igniter, inside the oven. Generally the oven igniters have a lifespan of six to eight years before they show signs of failing. They function if they are able to extract a minimum of 3.2 amps else they will not open the gas valve properly. This could lead to a crack in the valve or...

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Does the ignition system work? There are tons of different systems. Pilot lights, piezoelectric ignitions, little turbines that are moved by the gas flow and generate sparks, even mains- or battery powered electric systems.

On a pilot light system, light the flame at the pilot tube, and keep hoding the knob until it stays on. If it won’t, even after a minute or so, chances are you have a damaged pilot light sensor. It’s a little bimetallic sensor that will shut the gas off when it’s not sufficiently heated by the burning pilot light. Time to call a service technician.

For a mains- or battery powered system, make sure it has power. If it’s broken, call a technician. If there is a way to manually ignite the burner, do that, keep the knob pushed (or whatever you need to do) until the bimetal at the burner is heated up (a minute should be the absolute maximum) and you should be good to go. Either get the ignition system fixed at your convenience or keep lighting the oven...

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If you turn on your oven and it doesn't heat up, there are a couple of things you can check before calling a repair service.

The first thing to check is the circuit breaker feeding the oven. Since this is a gas oven, it will be connected to a circuit with a standard 15- or 20-amp breaker, not a large double-pole (usually 50-amp) breaker like electric ovens have. Your oven may have its own breaker, or it may be tied into one of the small appliance or kitchen receptacle (outlet) circuits with a common breaker.

If the breaker serving the oven has not tripped, the next thing to check is the igniter.

Checking the Igniter on a Gas Oven

The problem could be that your oven igniter has simply gone bad. When the oven control is turned to bake, the igniter turns on and starts to glow a bright orange when it is working properly. After the igniter gets hot, the gas valve opens and sends gas through the burner. The igniter lights the gas coming from the burner and...

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A natural gas oven is a suitable alternative to the electric oven. Fueled by natural gas, or propane, a gas oven is the way to go for those who want a clean and affordable choice in cooking. Gas ovens have long been used in commercial settings. However, the benefits of gas make it an attractive choice for oven usage to homeowners. Below are 7 advantages you may want to consider.

Increased Cooking Control

A gas oven gives you greater control over your cooking temperature. Warm-up time is less with gas. Once you turn off the oven, cooking stops almost immediately. The instant on-off feature with gas cooking gives you complete freedom in good cooking. With electricity you need to allow some time for the oven to cool down. Some dishes may be affected by the prolonged high temperatures. Natural gas also cooks food more evenly than electricity. Gas ovens will give you better results in cooking.

Moist Cooking

Oven cooked dishes turn out better with natural...

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The flame of gas range burners should be steady and slightly rounded, with a light-blue tip. The flame should be quiet and should respond to adjustments made at the control knobs. Most burner troubles can be quickly solved by adjusting the air shutter mixer plate, which is located at the end of the burner tube near the knob controls. Turn a small screw on the plate, slide the plate open or closed, and tighten the setscrew.

If the flame is yellow, it's not receiving enough air. To allow more air in, open the plate slightly. If the flame is high or makes a roaring noise, it's getting too much air and you should close the plate slightly.

Servicing Pilot Lights

The oven pilot is usually located at the back of the oven; turn a screw on the pilot ignition unit to adjust the pilot flame height.

©2006 Publications International, Ltd.

One pilot light usually serves all the top burners of a gas range. Some ranges have two pilot lights, one for...

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If the oven stops smelling after it preheats, then you are fine. There is a small leak, but the amount of gas is not dangerous. When you fill up your car with gas, you are exposed to some fumes. The same is true for ovens. You smell the gas because the oven heats itself with gas and more is released when it is preheating than during the cooking process because there needs to be a greater temperature change and more energy is required. If it worries you that much, call in a repair technician to satiate your fears, but keep in mind that it may be expensive. If you find that you can smell it all the time, call the fire department and evacuate your home until they assess the...

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Kitchen professionals adore using gas ovens when preparing their dishes. This is because they work at high temperatures and cook food quickly. On the other hand, they tend to behave in a more uneven and imprecise manner, which sometimes makes them difficult to use if you're not a great cook. What's more, this type of oven operates with natural gas, so outside ventilation is needed. If you bought one of these appliances and need a guide for its correct use, this OneHowTo article will teach you how to use a gas oven.

Steps to follow:


To light a gas oven, you must first find the pilot light, located at the bottom of the appliance. Just open the door and look inside to find a small piece of metal located right in the centre. Then, use a match or a lighter to ignite the device through the pilot light hole. A blue flame is then generated which indicates that the oven can now be used. Then turn the appliance up with the corresponding buttons and it's ready for you...

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Few things are more frustrating for the home cook than having food turn out unexpectedly bad. Burnt edges, raw centers, undercooked meats and uneven browning can ruin a meal that took precious time to prepare.

Signs Your Gas Oven is Not Heating Properly

Anyone can have an off day, but if these problems are consistent, they can leave you wondering if there is a bigger problem. If you’ve been using the same gas oven successfully for months or years and suddenly experience cooking difficulties, your oven’s failing heating element, digital controls or other components could be to blame. Here are five signs that can help you recognize uneven or inconsistent heating.

One or Both Elements Don’t Produce Heat

It seems like an obvious problem, but anyone can get in a hurry and not realize that one of the heating elements in your oven is not igniting. If your food isn’t turning out as expected, check to be sure that both your broil and bake elements...

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You either love using gas for cooking or you don't. Some people prefer electricity, saying that it's cleaner and more efficient, but gas aficionados prefer the instant control, and the energy- and cost-efficiency. Ovens heat up faster using gas, and

You either love using gas for cooking or you don't. Some people prefer electricity, saying that it's cleaner and more efficient, but gas aficionados prefer the instant control, and the energy- and cost-efficiency. Ovens heat up faster using gas, and you don't waste a single therm of heat, whereas electric plates continue to radiate heat long after they've been switched off. The most common criterion, however, is that gas is cheaper than electricity when you compare tariffs and usage.

Stove or hob temperatures

Gas rings are usually arranged with a large and small ring at the front and back of the hob. These variations in size result in efficient fuel use. Putting a large pan on a small hob, for...

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3. Is it possible to turn on top and bottom heating elements at the same time ?

4. Flame on the burner table is too low ?

5 . Handles fall off ?

6. Handles do not turn ?

7. Glass of the gas oven has shattered ?

8. Splitter has melted ?

9. Electric ignition does not work ?

10. Electric ignition does not stop ?

11. Electric burner does not work ?

12. Oven does not work correctly - it burns the bottom and does not bake top of the pie ?

13. Top/bottom burner goes out ?

14. After using gas burners enamel of the table and dishes turns black ?

15. New gas does not burn evenly ?

16. Where can I buy additional accessories? (net, sheet, handles, collars, splitter cup) ?

1. How to use gas oven ?


Read the appliance instruction properly.

*Starting the bottom stove burner, make sure that the...

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Most gas ranges currently available employ one of 3 basic gas ignition systems; pilot ignition, hot surface ignition system (which uses a 'glow bar' or 'glow coil' - aka an "ignitor") and a spark ignition system. The latter two being referred to as "electronic ignition" systems as they use electricity in one form or another to operate the oven heating system. Only the pilot ignition system has an actual "pilot" (which is a small but real "flame") which might need manual lighting.

If the surface burners of a range are a spark ignition type, the oven IS one of the possible kinds of electronic ignition systems and thus will not usually have a "pilot" which needs lighting. Be aware though that just because the surface burners might light via a spark doesn't necessarily mean the oven uses the spark type ignition system too.

There is one older style of electronic ignition system which does also use an oven pilot but it is very rare and such a system hasn't been used in...

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Careless troubleshooting of a microwave oven can result in death or worse. Experienced technicians have met their maker as a result of a momentary lapse of judgement while testing an oven with the cover removed. Microwave ovens are without a doubt, the most deadly type of consumer electronic equipment in wide spread use.

The power supplies for even the smallest microwave ovens operate at extremely lethal voltage and current levels. Do not attempt to troubleshoot, repair, or modify such equipment without understanding and following ALL of the relevant safety guidelines for high voltage and/or line connected electrical and electronic systems.

We will not be...

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Microwaves are very dangerous, they can still shock you even unplugged!! These pages are to help give you indications of what might be wrong and some safe "how to check" and repair helps.

Use a metal ( not the shiny chrome type ) screw driver with a insulated handle to short across ( touch both at the same time ) the terminals of the high voltage capacitor to discharge it. With the microwave unplugged.

This is a common way to do this....

A common flow chart for microwave repairs A...
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