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I have an Aprilaire 600a humidifier from a few years ago and currently it's wired into my furnace with two control wires labeled "W/G" and "Cf". The "W/G" is connected to the W terminal on the furnace (call for heat). The "Cf" is connected to "C"
A home's comfort level relates to several factors, including the humidity. , which is the amount of moisture in the air. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are machines that help control the humidity of either an individual room or an entire home, dependi
In thermostat wiring, C stands for Common. Look for a terminal labeled Com, which is another abbreviation for common. I did not look up your thermostat, however it is likely that it needs the common wire to work properly
If you are running a steam boiler system in your facility, you should be treating your system’s condensate to ensure system longevity and peak efficiency. Operating with no condensate treatment could mean disaster for you down the line. What the heck
I have a RUUD furnace that stopped blowing hot air last night. I was thinking that it was the high limit switch gone bad BUT the coil ignites and lights but then goes out again after a minute, so since it actually ignites I ruled out that possibility
This is not really an answer, since I don't think this can be answered without being on site. Rather, I'm going to explain a bit about how the system works, and offer a few ideas as to what the problem could be. To start, you'll want to understand ho
Thx, got two CO detectors in that room. I literally can't find anybody around here. I think its the computer controls that throw them off
Dealing with the furnace failure can be daunting. You wonder how serious the problem is, how much a repair will cost and if you will ultimately have to replace it. When your furnace simply will not cycle off there can be any number of reasons for the
Newbie Join Date: Nov 2010 Location: Canada Posts: 10 Rewards Points: 10 I recently watched a video from an HVAC company on how they used to install the supply close to the floor in the basement, but what they found in the end they were better off le
Every forced hot air furnace has a furnace blower that makes air circulation possible for any house. A furnace that utilizes forced-hot air is made of the plenum, the furnace blower and the burner. In most cases, when used in a forced-hot air system,