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com/watch?v=1L4J5EKSwEc This is the better of the videos so far, though a few more are posted under 'wadetarzia' Specifications: Materials: 1/4 inch CDX plywood, common pine for stringers, laminated pine shelving/desktop materials for boards, oak and
Naturally, there is no substitute for a professional engineer when you're faced with complicated or uncommon structural problems, but basic load-bearing calculations are well within the capabilities of many carpenters and homeowners. Most timber-fram
All guess work: That wall is an edition. If it was original to the house as a stiffener, it would be sitting directly on the lath. The little 'blue' pieces raise the 2x4 above the plaster lobes
So I'm a little confused. It seems like 21 degree fullhead framing nailers are fairly standard. According to the http://codes
Darkness around the nails is usually a result of biting the nails and due to excess production of skin pigment. It has been found that darkness around the nails can also be caused by deficiency of Vitamin B6 and B12 in the body. There is no permanent
Made In USAStructure Lock supplies steel braces that are stronger, safer and seismically superior to wood cross bridging or blocking. We build our products using 18 gauge galvanized steel designed to interlock dimensional joists and engineered I-jois
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This video was taken in Amboseli National Park in Kenya by one of our UK based consultants Lily. The elephants had been feeding in the marshes - you can see that the elephant is wet and in some of the distant shots has a waterline running along her b
Dip Powder Dip powder can be applied quickly and doesn’t require as much skill and precision as other manicure types. Instead of a lacquer, the color comes from a pigmented powder. Between base coats and a sealant, you dip your nails into a little ja