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That looks like an almost non-issue (especially if the flooring will run the same direction as that level, if not you'll need to do something about it). If it's a low traffic area it might not concern me in the slightest. I HATE, quote, "self levelin
I've been looking around the internet, and I've seen quite a few stair renovations using common boards with a square edge rather than bull nose stair treads. Code, wear and tear? The common boards are definitely less expensive and have a larger stock
Floors aren’t just surfaces to walk on. That is, of course, their main function, but they also contribute to the larger picture that is the decoration of the space they are in. There is a lot to consider when choosing a floor, even if you’re just loo
Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows in the Mediterranean region. In addition to being considered a renewable resource, cork flooring feels soft, insulates, and is relatively durable compared to other wood flooring. Typical cost
2013: Be sure and read the comments, there is a ton of good information from other people who have gone through getting their iPhones wet. Thanks to all!—“Help! My iPhone got wet! WHAT DO I DO??” No worries. If your iPhone got drenched, here’s what t
Bamboo's a good choice. However there needs to be a much larger (1 to 2-inches) shrink & expand perimeter gap & subsequent baseboard shoe molding. It moves quite a lot
The other answers hit the nail on the head--wood floors in basements or anywhere subject to moisture is generally a bad idea. I just wanted to add one more vinyl floor variant that you should consider for a basement installation if you are already co
Advantages and Disadvantages of HardWood Floor Advantages of Hardwood Flooring: Hardwood flooring gives a rich look to your home interior. Hardwood floor improves it grace over a period of time due to ageing. Hardwood flooring is known to last for a
by bob Last Updated February 19, 2016 01:09 AM I'm first time homeowner and bought a house (built in 1999) in fall of 2015 (Philadelphia suburb). During inspection of the house I noticed squeaky floors and inspector said its due to nails rubbing agai