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Routing electrical cables through floor joists has advantages if a ceiling is planned for a basement or if a subfloor will be laid. Because of the length of a standard drill fitted with a bit, a straight hole cannot be drilled through the joist. Pull
CCTV Installation and Wiring Options Today there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a quality CCTV security system. You may decide to go with a traditional analog system, HD-SDI, HD-CVI or even an IP network based security products. One t
Your testing method seems reasonable and probably rules out continuity between those two drops. (The exception might be if your router or switch don't have Auto MDI-X sensing and you needed a crossover cable, but that's unlikely as most devices made
In every room of my home, there is an outlet with three connections: coax, Cat5e RJ45, and an RJ11 for phones. I unscrewed the outlet and noticed that all of the wires seem to be heading up towards the attic. I did a very brief check of my attic (jus
I am going to use a TP-Link router here for writing these steps but these are generic so these steps can be used to configure any router with your PTCL modem. We would also change the IP address for the router and disable router from getting an IP au
SOLUTION: I have found RJ45 connectors that are compatible with Cat7 and can also be used with the standard cat 5/6 crimpers. These do not provide speeds higher than would be expected of Cat 6a, and are a bit more expensive, but at least I can use th
There are many fixings on the market today and yet, as far as we are aware, no fixing is available for a good, solid, reliable fix to lathe and plaster. It’s a popular question on DIYdoctor and our many years of experience have taught us not to take
I really need to ask you some questions to give a exact answer, so I'll try to make my answer as complete as possible. The short answer is that YOU will have to "activate" the Ethernet jacks, there is no way that your ISP will do it for you, unless y
I’ve always been frustrated by the speeds & limitations of wireless and with the addition of a home server, 802. 11G just doesn’t cut it. Sure it’s great for flexibility but there’s certain limitations when you want to stream content
My house's builders seem to have cut one of the Cat-6 internet cables somewhere along it's run from the basement to the data hub where all of the other cables converge. It might even be between the floors. This is a low voltage circuit