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Yes. Evacuate the house immediately and do not return. Call your insurance company and have them total the entire building and by you a new home
I guess it depends on what you want to power in the garage. If it's just a light bulb or two, you can get a solar panel kit for your garage's roof with a battery to run the light bulb. But if you really need 120V AC, your only alternative is to run a
Get one of the Home wiring books from home Depot. There's way too much you need to know to try to give it all here. (McPartland, one of the Authors was on the Code committee
Although economic factors may overrule it, and these economic factors may have worked so that no one is doing it up to now, connection of the neutral of a 3-phase motor (IF it is available) has good reasons to commend it. Foremost of these is that a
Controlling a light with two or more switchesThis page describes how to use 3-way and 4-way switches to control lights from two or more locations. This is the first of several related pages explaining how to control lights with multiple switches. Cli
You don't use it "in" your home so that solves the most direct safety bit. Then you avoid ever loaning that friend your tools ever again, since he both doesn't treat them right and is dishonest about it or he just doesn't know any better, either way
Here’s a common scenario: You need to buy a replacement or additional circuit breaker for your panel. As soon as you start shopping around, however, you become aware that there are thousands and thousands of types of breakers from which to choose. Fo
In a bathroom I have a single 500w 240v electric baseboard heater, and AUBE/Honeywell TH305 digital line voltage single pole thermostat. I noticed yesterday, that the display had gone blank. A quick check showed there was still power to the stat
Recommended illumination levelsArchitects of development houses usually select the locations for switches, receptacles, and luminaires at a quality and price level determined by the builder. However, purchasers of architect-designed, custom-built hom
As Wolf says, a combination of SPDT and DPDT switches. One switch on each floor, top and bottom are SPDT, all others are DPDT. The number of switches is one more than the number of lights