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LOST NEUTRAL SHOCKS HOMEOWNER - CONTENTS: Case history of a neutral wire failure (grounded conductor wire), improper joining of neutral and ground wiring in a sub panel, burning-up electrical ground wires, and a homeowner who received a nasty electri
Ok so I have electricity in my bathroom and kitchen and even my porch light and security light outside is on. . but there is no numbers on my meter box
Well, I have not really had a lot of time to investigate this. This problem sort of comes and goes, and I don't have all the time in the world to sit by the computer and wait for it to misbehave. But at least in my case, this appears to be related to
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It might not look like much, but the switch used as this feature image has more to offer than one would think judging by appearances. In this article, we will be converting a “stupid” switch into a “smart” switch for the purposes of controlling a con
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Improving unfinished basement in 7 year old log home to have a small shop and a mancave Installing sub panel 40 wire feet from main panel mainly because i don't want to home-run all my circuits to the main panel. Shop wiring going to main.
Minifridges are not a good deal even when they are brand new and operating normally because they waste SO MUCH energy. It's a joke how much energy they hog up compared to how little they can possibly do. Okay, here's what is probably wrong with your
Everything downstream of the GFCI has to be connected to both the Hot and Neutral from the Load side of the GFCI. The way you've wired it, when the heater kicks on, current is flowing from the Load side of the GFCI through the heater and back to the
I have a separate garage that was built in 2001. It has a 100 amp sub panel that is fed from the main panel in the garage of my house. The panels are about 50' apart and the wire is in conduit