Electrical sheathing removal for pool light?


You should not be using cable or cord for ANY wiring to and for a pool light, with the exception of wiring that is within a building or structure. An insulated green ground is mandatory. The only exception to this is the cord that comes factory attached to a wet-niche type underwater light (luminaire).

PLEASE read up on the codes involved with pool wiring, it is NOT a place you want to mess around or cut corners!

680.23 Underwater Luminaires

This section covers all luminaires installed below the normal water level >of the pool.

(F) Branch-Circuit Wiring.

(1) Wiring Methods.

Branch-circuit wiring on the supply side of enclosures and junction boxes connected to conduits run to wet-niche and no-niche luminaires, and the field wiring compartments of dry-niche luminaires, shall be installed using rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit, liquidtight flexible nonmetallic conduit, rigid polyvinyl chloride conduit, or reinforced...

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Many swimming pools have sealed light fixtures that can provide lighting for safety when swimming after dark. Some modern swimming pool lights can produce various colors in a series of timed patterns to provide ambiance as well. Since water and electricity are a dangerous combination, a pool light must be fully sealed for safety, to prevent water from getting into the element. You can wire pool lights to the electrical circuit for your pool with some basic hand tools.

Drain water from the pool until the water level is no less than 6 inches below the pool light housing.

Turn off the circuit breaker for the pool or for the entire house. Open the junction box for the pool light's wiring connections with a screwdriver. Test the wiring from the circuit at the junction box with a noncontact electrical tester. If the light on the tester comes on, turn off other breakers or the main breaker to the house until the light no longer illuminates when testing the wires.


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Installing underwater swimming pool lights does not have to entail a major pool renovation project or even require the pool to be drained. With the right kind of lighting and a little electrical know-how, pool lighting can be installed in a single afternoon.

Step 1: Choosing a Light

When choosing a light it is important to consider project time. What parts will have to be replaced (like batteries)? What about pool size and the amount of electrical work required? To avoid draining your pool and drilling holes in it, it is best to select a suction-mounted light.

For a fast and easy install, with no electrical work, a battery operated light is the best solution. However, batteries will need regular replacement and the life of the light will be shorter than that of a corded model. Choose corded lights according to pool wall type.

Step 2: Assemble Light

Assemble the light according to manufacturer specifications and check all seals for...

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