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No. Each type of device serves a distinctly separate protective purpose. BreakerA circuit breaker detects overcurrent faults, it does not detect ground faults
I understand that you must have an electrical receptacle 6 feet from any obstruction or break in the wall, such as a doorway, and no more than 12 feet from the previous electrical receptacle. Does this require that the receptacle be accessible? In ot
If you are in the US, 14 AWG copper wire is allowed to be protected by a fuse or circuit breaker rated no larger than 15A, and 12 AWG wire at 20A. If the loads are continuous (greater than 3-hour operation), then they should be limited to 80% of thos
by cr0 Last Updated January 21, 2018 06:21 AM I'm wondering how combos of AFCI & GFCI protection on breakers and outlets affect overall circuit safety & performance. What I mean is, how do different combinations of GFCI and/or AFCI protection
Is it dangerous? Yes. One day you might reach behind the range for some reason and accidentally touch two prongs. A range is normally 220 to 240 volts -- you'd get a nasty shock
Yeah, it's pretty much the content. Mainstream just means you're signed to a major label, but you can still be a credible, original artist. For example, The Roots, Ghostface Killah, Common, etc
All of the gfci outlets in the house are daisy chained and they all have the same problem. They will trip randomly more than one time a day, actually it has gotten worse recently and it is several times a day for all gfci circuits. There is not one s
****This answer pertains to wire color coding for North American electrical Standards. **** You can re-wire the fan to make it simple. The fan will have to be opened-up at the ceiling cover-plate