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I understand that you must have an electrical receptacle 6 feet from any obstruction or break in the wall, such as a doorway, and no more than 12 feet from the previous electrical receptacle. Does this require that the receptacle be accessible? In ot
by cr0 Last Updated January 21, 2018 06:21 AM I'm wondering how combos of AFCI & GFCI protection on breakers and outlets affect overall circuit safety & performance. What I mean is, how do different combinations of GFCI and/or AFCI protection
This varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It also depends on what kind of work and how much. In many locations, minor electrical work, in-kind plumbing replacement, interior construction that does not change the overall footprint or the
At the end of the day it's about safety. So it pays to account for the user's force-of-will. If a code violation of one type or another is inevitable, it is a matter of least harm
An electrical conductor, usually in the form of a metal piece, is used to connect two or more circuits in a panel or fuse box also is known as an electrical bus bar. Bus bars may be surrounded by insulation or is supported on insulators. They are som
LOST NEUTRAL SHOCKS HOMEOWNER - CONTENTS: Case history of a neutral wire failure (grounded conductor wire), improper joining of neutral and ground wiring in a sub panel, burning-up electrical ground wires, and a homeowner who received a nasty electri
Thanks Gary, let me clarify, so your overall stance is not to shim anywhere on the project due to trapped moisture? Are you also saying that the H1Z hurricane ties and blocking will make up for the lack of support from the gap? Good tip about the blo
So I'm a little confused. It seems like 21 degree fullhead framing nailers are fairly standard. According to the http://codes
Okay, I’m back in town. Thanks so much for the questions and for your patience with a response. Does a “legal” bedroom require direct interior access? To be considered square footage, an area (including a bedroom) needs to be directly accessible from
We have a room with a high ceiling and a set of four windows. The windows start at about 7 feet. The person who lives in the room is not tall and currently has to use a ladder to open and close them