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The best way to handle this is to find out where the wires are coming from and terminate them at that box. In most cases this is just undoing a couple of nuts and taking the wire out. If you need to open up a small section of drywall to get the wire
by Chris Woodford. Last updated: November 12, 2017. There's plenty of it, it's relatively cheap (or even free), it's environmentally friendly, it looks great, it's warm and cozy, it's super-strong, it lasts hundreds or even thousands of years, and yo
The official instructions for the sink have 2 main points:1- includes countertop, sink sits on top of it2- has other cabinets on each side of the 36" cabinet where the sink sits. For me, there's not enough space for more than 1 cabinet, so I just hav
I just got new kitchen cabinets, and the paint on the doors (which are hard wood) is ultra-ultra thin. It seems like it will scratch very easily. Is there a way to protect? They are being installed now
Jill Wolff Interior Design 1. Glass-front peninsula cabinets. Some kitchens have a peninsula that divides the cooking space and another adjacent space (often the dining room)
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Unless you are dealing with custom kitchen cabinetry--which can have any dimensions--you will find better prices and predictable sizing with stock or semi-custom kitchen cabinets. While not an exhaustive guide, this does cover a substantial majority
The Euro hinges are known as hidden hinges and come with two distinct sections - One that gets fixed to the side of the cabinet while the other is sunk into the door The cup needs to be comfortably housed into a hole drilled into the door. It is the