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I have four bathrooms in a two-story house. Two of them, one on the first floor and other right above it on the second floor, have knocking sounds when you flush the toilet and run cold water. It has … read more WCohn Journeyman Plumber Journeyman Li
"Architects evidently are not aware that houses are heated and cooled with forced-air systems. I sometimes think it would be front page news in an architecture magazine if you ever informed them of this. I have seen rooms 28 by 32 feet that have no w
1 Wash the shower curtain. Put the shower curtain through a cold, gentle wash cycle to remove soap scum and mold. To use less water, you can also try soaking the shower curtain in a bleach solution, then scrubbing it with a brush as needed
I see that the floor tile (and possibly the plumbing, a cement bed, or whatever) prevent you from moving the tub. That was going to be my first suggestion. If it's a possibility, do that
Mixing bleach with acid (even vinegar) will release chlorine gas, which is poisonous (and you will know because it hurts like death to breath chlorine). Mixing a cup of vinegar (5% acetic acid) with a cup of houshold bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite) w
How to fix leaking bathtub faucet single handle, which is the how to fix a leaky faucet from the handle change a leaking shower faucet handle shower faucet is leaking delta cartridges delta and springs if the handle off the hot and peerless singlehan
Hole after tooth extraction heal for a long time, so oral hygiene is so important. You also need to know how to care for wounds and not to disturb the healing process. Hole after tooth extraction heals for about four months, during this period there
27 by J. Roger Baker hen he found the first one, Simon didn't tell anybody. He tucked it away in the pocket of his dark grey overall suit and joined the other children who were drawing maps in the sand
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There's a small amount of water at the lowest point on my bathroom floor. It looks clear and doesn't have a smell. Lately, it's been showing up every day, whether anyone's taken a shower or not