Questions about: basement-refinishing

Posted by Matthew Stock on Friday, May 16, 2014. A finished basement is the dream of many homeowners. Sometimes it’s a necessity – a way to create badly needed living space for a growing family
Many homeowners think that the way to keep their basement dry is to plug up holes and seal things, which has resulted in products like hydraulic cement, waterproofing paint and various sealants, some even in aerosol cans, being used with little succe
2) before it dries (just follow the installer around), throw big handfuls of chopped fiberglass (check in your area for a fiberglass supplier - its cheap and abundant). make sure you coat everywhere as much as you can. 3) once dry, spray again
Builders use concrete as a building material for housing foundations because of its strength and durability. Once placed, a concrete slab will last the lifetime of your home, providing the solid basis for the entire structure. Unfortunately, even the